Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Engineering
End-to-end design and implementation of technologies for your business
About Us
At Altek-Engi, we believe that Internet of Things solutions boost your Business Practices. Our work is to understand our customers needs and provide breakthrough technologies.
With multiple years of experience in providing tailored solutions, we support our customer in the entire process of IoT technological development: from idea generation to implementation.
Your success is our success, let's rock together the
Internet of Things!
Our Services
We seek for excellence in all of our services.
Simply, we like what we do.
Service/Product Prototyping
Based on your needs we create efficiently a functional IoT prototype.
Tell us the features of your solution and we will deliver quickly the MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
By working with Agile methodologies our team involves you in all development process, supporting your success every day.
Hardware Design
Our experts manufacture sensors and actuators, and connect them to the cloud. We creates with you a Product Backlog of your IoT connected devices and deliver you a 100% functional, reliable solution in the shortest time. By having years of experience in the field of hardware design we deliver the best solution ever.
Strategy and Implementation
You have a destination in mind for your business, future-proof it through technological transformation. Together, we chart a course from where you are to where you want to be, then our team implement in your company the most appropriate IoT solution.
Home Automation
Our engineers never stop thinking about how the trends in domotics of today are shaping tomorrow. Let the IoT technology rock the new homes and help you to save money and increase your comfort.
Let us automate your house for you to live in the future!
Amazing (Internet of) Things are coming!
Our top product for Home Automation
a context-based IoT solution for AAL
(Ambient Assisted Living)
QeLy-IA is the context-based IoT Solution for Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) that converts houses in Smart Homes. This top of range product satisfy the demands of modern homes related to aspects such as comfort, safety, connectivity, energy efficiency and operations.
Connects to any type of sensor, actuator and smart device.It can be programmed with any rule that assists you at home.
Understands your home and assists you on a daily basis. QeLY-IA connects sensors to capture information about the domestic environment and actuators to modify it intelligently according to the rules you have set-up.
Works in background and automates your home without your intervention doing all the job you need. But, if is your desire, you can interact with all commands manually trough the QeLy's Web & Mobile-App.
Is implemented in your home through optimized processes that guarantee you the lowest-cost in the market ever .
How to implement QeLY-IA in your home
Tell us your needs
QeLY-IA adapts all your demands to attend your daily actions. First we will define your desires to acclimate your home to serve you in a very comfortable way...
Ad-Hoc Customization
...We are in charge of finding the sensors and actuators that meet your requirements. Consequently, QeLy-IA artificial intelligence will program with the rules of your smart home ...
In-Home Implementation
...when the customization is ready, we will install in your home the hardware part in the maximum efficiency. Then you are ready to enjoy your daily QeLY-IA smart home.
Bring yours IoT solutions to life
Any IoT solution you've even imagine about is possible to realise just at the moment when you decided to try.
We turn your ideas or projects into something tangible.
Why choose us
We apply the intelligence of our outstanding professionals and to ensure that we share with you the global experience and innovation you need.
Our professionals saw IoT coming to life. Effective results and constantly improvement is the meaning of our job.
Our company works according to the principle of the individual approach to every client. We provide all you need.
Fast Value Delivery
We deliver the value that we promise. That means faster time to value, lower costs and higher revenues.
Contact us
Ramón Passarell: +34 935 70 29 24
Ana Luiza Valverde: +34 685 79 50 13

Carrer Dr. Turró, 20,
08105 Sant Fost de Campsentelles, Barcelona
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